Quick security and privacy links

Guide to Surveillance and privacy tools:

Check your browser’s “uniqueness score:”

IP and DNS info:

Certificate auditing tool (Win 7 and above) RCC:

Looking for proxy servers:

Recent news

Here is an analysis of a web page ad infecting computers.  The example shows what looks like a valid ad on a valid web site.  This fake Hugo Boss ad was served by a trusted advertising agency to trusted web sites (, and infected PCs with IE and Flash with ransomware without even clicking the ad.  It is unclear what versions of Windows, IE and Flash were involved, but serves as a reminder to keep your software updated and avoid IE and Flash.

Other links

The National Broadband Map is a tool to search, analyze and map broadband availability across the United States

Internet speed tests:

Cable modems for use with Comcast:

A simple guide to browsers and the web.

=====  Malware resources  =====

Microsoft Security Essentials.

Microsoft Safety Scanner.  On-demand scanner.  Expires in 10 days.  MSS

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal tool (updated monthly) MSRT page at Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Defender Offline.  Free CD, DVD, USB bootable malware scanner.

Microsoft’s Free Security Tools Malware Bytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) is free for the version that you run manually.  Be sure to update your virus signatures before scanning.

Kaspersky boot CD image and boot USB utilities

Bitdefender boot CD image.

Avira boot CD image

=====  other resources  =====

TeamViewer remote access software.

historical technology sounds

PortableApps platform.  Create a USB of open source programs.

Repair guides

=====  Security and privacy podcasts  =====

Security Now! podcast with Steve Gibson.  and his twitter feed and his twitter feed archive

Paul’s Security Weekly

=====  Sacramento resources  =====

Area DOT traffic cams:

Sacramento Press online group sourced news:

Sacramento Bee newspaper:

e-waste recycle in the Sacramento area: ecollective: and

=====  Security and Privacy resources  =====

Learn your IP address:

Learn information provided by your browser:

Analyze DNS and computer info:

Free temporary email address:

Locate the owner of an IP address:

Upload a file to test if it is a virus:

Domain name registration info:,

People search:,,

Reverse telephone number lookup:

Resources for unwanted calls:

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