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Fixing the AC adapter for a 2Wire 2701HG DSL modem by replacing the failed capacitor

2Wire seems to have a problem with their DSL modems’ AC adapters failing, affecting models 1701, 2701 and similar models. Here I describe a failed modem and the steps I followed to repair it. I include photographs of the AC adapter under repair and more information about cracking open the case and the capacitor required. Continue reading

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The case of the booting crashing rebooting Windows XP PC

Introduction Here is how I repaired and cleaned up a PC that was not functional.  It was stuck in a loop: crashing after the boot up Windows XP Home splash screen.   I tested the hard drive then used Malwarebytes (4) … Continue reading

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Bad Capacitors – LCD monitor repaired

Bad capacitors are responsible for a number of electronic device failures. Bad capacitors are faulty capacitors (manufactured 1999 – 2007)  that fail prematurely. Bad capacitors have been used in computer mother boards, LCD monitors and other electronics. The bad capacitor … Continue reading

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