first HD TV

So I’m finally getting my first HD TV.

After lusting for one, formulating my requirements, studying the pros and cons of Plasma vs. LCD, watching the market, reading the reviews, putting a HD antenna on my roof, finally the price/value point tripped. I started shopping and by happy coincidence I got the list email from PC Magazine and Robert Heron’s review, PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, for a Vizio 42″ plasma panel so I went for it.,1895,2096091,00.asp

I bought (ordered) a Vizio 42″ Plasma HDTV (VP42HDTV20A) from Circuit City.

Seems new Vizio products are available from only Circuit City, Costco and Vizio. Not belonging to warehouse clubs, I visited Circuit City.

They did not have this model on display or in stock. After studying at all the TVs on display (and they did have a Vizio 50″ plasma and a 42″ Vizio LCD) I just ordered it. Took way too long, Matt, my CC associate, finally got the order into their system. They can’t tell me any more than my new TV will be delivered from the warehouse in a week or so …

Vizio web site information

More reviews

Stuck pixels. As I was studying the flat panel screens at Circuit City, I noticed 2 panels that had what I called stuck pixels. One panel had 1 pixel that was bright lime green all the time. Not so noticeable during a football game, but stuck out quite obvious on a screen that had a black background. I asked the Circuit City guy about that – what if my panel had one of these stuck pixels. He said the panel would only be replaced if I purchased their extended service agreement. Looking on the Vizio web site, they state they guarantee no bright pixels for one year on selected models. I don’t see this guarantee stated for this model. I am serious worried about a stuck pixel. Since I ordered this panel delivered by Circuit City, delivery includes unpacking, connecting to coax and powering up. Now if at this point I see a stuck pixel, can I cry foul! and not accept this panel. Maybe I worry too much.

Reconditioned/Refurbished. I saw some companies, web sites offering Vizio 42″ plasma panels for considerably less money (about 700 dollars) but questions – is this the latest highly rated model? (one clue is the number of HDMI connections – the latest has 2) why was it returned/reconditioned/refurbished? Ack dead pixels! The warranty is shorter. I want this panel TV to work perfect and well and last a while, no issues, so I went for new.

More when I get the TV, connect it to my MCE PC and wall mount it.

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