recovering data from a problem CD

Recently I tried to recover data from a CD that had issues. Half of the files on the CD were inaccessable, trying to read or copy them failed with read errors. Worse, the CD writer that recorded this disc was known to be flaky.

After an Internet search I turned up some promising looking utilities to try to recover the data for low or no cost. I tried them.

None of them worked.

One of them quickly copied all the files that were not corrupted, so I can recommend Unstoppable Copier by for that purpose.

Otherwise if the data is really valuable you’ll need better tools or a data recovery company.

  • CDCheck v3.1.14.0. 30 day evaluation, $15 personal, $75 1 user. Spent a lot of time not recovering any more files.
  • isobuster. free or $30 donation. Confusing interface.
  • Naltech Multi Data Rescue 2.1. $40. Trial only allows viewing.
  • Unstoppable Copier v3.56. free, donations accepted.
  • CD Recovery Toolbox free v1.1.8. Although this program seemed to partially recover damaged files, I could not open any of them.

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