Internet scam: “Internet Antivirus Pro” wants to take your money!

Recently I encountered a scam on the Internet called “Internet Antivirus Pro.”

This scam tried to convince me that my computer was infected with viruses and offered to sell me a program to remove the viruses. The scam seems real at first glance but is totally fake. All they want to do is to scare you into buying their $90 program that does nothing at best. Fortunately it is easy to remove

This type of scam is also called “misleading applications,” “rogue antispyware,” malware or fraud.

Read on to see what this scam looks like, how your PC may get infected and how to remove it.

When the PC is infected with this scam, you get a lot of scary serious looking pop up windows like:

and balloon warnings like

The pop ups want you to buy their software to rid your PC of these threats. These threats are not real. They are special effects only to scare you!

If you click the purchase invitations you’ll be taken to this web site which will allow you to buy the bogus software with your credit card for $90. Don’t do it!

Another symptom of infection by this malware is erratic browser behavior such as the browser hanging and not bring up pages or blocking sites like

This malware may be doing even more insidious things we don’t know about like monitoring keystrokes for identity theft, sending out spam or participating in DOD attacks.

How does your PC get infected?

One way is to visit a web site that makes it appear that your PC is infected then install the offered program to clean up your PC.

For example I Googled a TV set model and clicked on the second result

which took me to this web page

This web site is designed to look like your PC’s My Computer window. The animation tries to convince you that your computer is scanning your PC and finding viruses. The “pop up” windows further try to convince you that your PC is desperately trying to tell you that it is infected. This is all false activity trying to scare you!

Some pop ups tell you you need to download and run a file:

If you run this file as suggested you’ll really be infected.


Fortunately this malware can be removed by malwarebytes free malware removal program available at or

Since this malware tries to block anti-malware sites you can download the malwarebytes program on a USB drive with an uninfected PC and install from the USB drive.

Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool says “malicious software was found on your computer but could not be removed” and suggests using an antivirus program. Other antivirus and antispyware programs may find and remove this a
lso, I did not test other programs.

Although this program does show up in the Add or Remove Programs application of the Control Panel it does not really uninstall the malware.

How to protect yourself from these scams?

  • Educate yourself.
  • Don’t get fooled by a web site that tries to scare you.
  • Don’t install programs unless you trust the source.
  • Don’t pay for fraud software.

6 Replies to “Internet scam: “Internet Antivirus Pro” wants to take your money!”

  1. I too have fell for this, I coulnt log onto any sites after installing it.. so what I ended up doing was to delete anything I could on the program.. but that didnt work…so I restored to a previous date, before yhe install, and it seems to be working now.

  2. Do not be fooled by this ad. Malwarebytes software is a massive scam too! I read an article about a Indian-based company (affiliated with Malwarebytes Corp.) that calls consumers at their home and attempts to scare them into buying malwarebytes software. Apparently a lot of people are becoming victims of this fraud, don’t let yourself be next. If you do receive this call, hang up immediately and contact the proper authorities right away.

  3. Malwarebytes has a free version that cleans up many malware infections and they have the “cnet editors choice”. If you have documentation about the Malware people hassling users I would very much like to see it. Please send the link to the article cited.

  4. Excellent write up. I see that you have taken some time to write a decent article. I love all the pictures that show what to expect. I think that I am going to ad this scam to my scam list on my own blog. Let my readers know about it. Keep up the great work.

    Jay’s Saving Your Money

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re both scams. Malware bytes will get rid of antivirus but your internet connection will not work. Except for ONE site- THE SITE TO BUY MALWAREBYTES.

  6. I downloaded Malwarebytes a month or two ago and haven’t had any problems with my PC. It seems to do what the Malwarebytes site says it will.

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