Repairing a laptop with a broken power connector jack

Recently I repaired a laptop with a broken power connector jack.

The HP zv5000 laptop would not charge the battery or run on ac power unless the power connector plug was wiggled around until it made contact.  My diagnosis was that the power connector jack was loose from the mainboard.

Fortunately I found the Maintenance and Service Guide document by HP on the Internet by using a search engine.  Unfortunately to get to the power connector jack soldered to the mainboard  required disassembling the ENTIRE laptop. And the manual states “There are 73 screws and standoffs, in 8 different sizes, that must be removed, replaced, or loosened when servicing the Pavilion notebook.”

My diagnosis proved correct.  All three of the solder points connecting the power connector jack to the mainboard were broken.  The worst was the wire connecting the center pin of the power connector which was broken and loose.  Click on the photo to enlarge.  The center pin connector is the top right connection pointed out in the photo.  You can see the wire poking up through a donut shaped solder ring and the gap between the wire and the solder ring.

broken solder joints
broken solder joints

Soldering the 3 broken joints secured the power connector jack back to the mainboard fixed the problem.

The laptop is repaired.

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