Dell Dimension 3000 and SB0410 sound card driver

Reinstalling Windows XP Home on a Dell Dimension 3000 computer with a SoundBlaster Live! 24bit audio card SB0410 can be tricky until you find the right driver.  To cut to the chase, here is the right driver:

File Name : SB24_VTDRV_LB_1_04_0077.exe

and it is available here:

The full story:

The Dell Dimension 3000 comes with a Windows XP Home SP2 reinstall disk.  Reinstalling XP Home with this disk does not install the needed drivers for video, NIC, modem, sound or system board.

Visiting the Dell web site you can find the drivers for the system board, video, NIC and modem but they only offer the audio sound card drivers for the on board sound “ADI 198x integrated audio”  SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio

This particular Dell 3000 has the on board sound jacks  (mic, line in, speakers) blocked  with a plastic piece with a circle and slash symbol and an add on PCI sound card  labeled SB0410.

Finding the right drivers for this SB0410 card is a challenge.

Using the web site, support, select your product leads to drivers that did not work for me.

Creative site path to drivers that did not work for me

But on the page of drivers is a search box for all downloads and typing in “sb0410”  will take you to a page with the working driver which is listed as:


The driver package covers Vista, XP 64 bit and also fortunately XP 32 bit.  It  is 63 MB in size.

Download and run that file and your Dell with SB0410 sound card should work.

An Internet search shows many others have the same issue.  To help us all out, Dell needs to add the working drivers to their web site and Creative needs to make finding the latest SB0410 drivers easier.

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