Windows shortcuts and techniques

Here are some of my favorite Windows shortcuts and techniques.

Cut, copy, paste and undo

<Ctrl>X                 cut the selected information

<Ctrl>C                 copy the selected information

<Ctrl>V                 paste the selected information

<Ctrl>Z                 undo the last operation  (<Ctrl>Y  undo the undo or redo)

Notes:  These are keyboard shortcuts.  These keys are in a row!  Z X C V.  And C is short for copy.  You can also perform these operations by selecting the text or objects (like files) and either 1) clicking Edit on the Menu bar and clicking the action or 2) right clicking the selection and clicking on the action from the pop up properties menu.

Multiple ways to select text or objects (like file names)

<Ctrl>A                 select all

Click Edit on the Menu bar and click Select All

Right clicking the selection and clicking Select All.

Left mouse click down hold and drag to select text.  Selected text will be highlighted.

Left mouse click down hold and drag to select objects.  Selected objects will be highlighted.

Select a range of text or objects by clicking on the first then <Shift> click the last.

Select multiple text or objects by holding down the <Ctrl> and clicking on each item.  Note a second <Ctrl>-click  deselects.

Multiple mouse clicks can text by the following rules:  1 click places the insert bar, 2 clicks selects the word and 3 clicks selects the sentence or paragraph.

More useful keyboard shortcuts

<Esc>                    Cancel, back out of the current task.

<F5>                      Refresh the web page, folder.

<Ctrl>F                 Launch search.

<Alt><Tab>        Cycle through the open windows.

<Home>              Jump to the top of the web page.

<End>                   Jump to the end of the web page.

<Page up>          Page up the web page or document.

<Page down>    Page down the web page or document.

<F11>                    Make the browser content full screen.  Toggle.

<F1>                      Help.

Right click – the quick way for common tasks

Right click on selected text or objects and you’ll get a pop up menu of commonly used commands and properties.  What shows on the menu depends on the object- selected text, files icons, desktop, folders, start button, task bar, tool bars, etc.

Macs do not have a right mouse button – too bad – but on a Mac a <Ctrl>-left click is similar.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop is a quick way to move text and objects, for example moving text in a document, files between folders and icons on the desktop.  Select the object(s), left click hold down and move (drag) the mouse to the new location, then release the left button.

A hint – if you lose a file while moving it with drag and drop, undo the action with <Ctrl>z or search for the file with XP search or Vista/7 Search programs and files.

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