ecollective – electronics recycling

Another place to recycle unwanted electronics for the Sacramento area.
what is ecollective?

ecollective is an organization of convenient drop-off locations where you can recycle your unwanted and obsolete electronics. By choosing to recycle your e-waste at an ecollective location you can feel safe knowing that your data is destroyed and that all of your e-waste is recycled properly. All you have to do is enter your zip code, find your closest ecollective location and take it back for good.

The program integrates state regulation, public outreach and industry collaboration to give you a choice, to make doing the right thing easy and to help manage this growing challenge together.

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  1. I help and support computer recycling. It does Mother Earth a big favor. I really aids our environment so much. Many thanks for sharing such helpful information. I will be sharing this to other individuals. Keep sharing helpful posts. =)

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