Big data is tracking me and my cat

My cat buddy Horus coughs and sneezes a lot so I typed the symptoms into

I learned that heartworms are a possible cause of coughing.

So I visited several web sites about cats and heartworms to educate myself.

Three months later I received in the mail an offer for dog heartworm


Coincidence?  I think not.  Google and/or big data is collecting, saving,
correlating and selling my personal Internet data.

The downside to all this correlation is false data gets entered into your

I have never owned a dog.  I like dogs.

There are no heartworm medicines for cats.

Sorry Horus my buddy.

Horus and MCE
Horus helping me work on a computer.


Another example of being tracked – selling a Supermicro server on craigslist gets me a full page Supermicro server ad in Time magazine.

In January of 2015 I sold several old computers on craigslist including a Supermicro brand server.

I have a subscription to Time magazine in my name and address and in the June 1, 2015 issue there appeared a full page ad for Supermicro servers.  I doubt that the typical reader of Time magazine is interested in full page ads for Supermicro computer servers so I suspect the connection was made and I was targeted.

The Supermicro full page ad in my issue of Time magazine.
The Supermicro full page ad in my issue of Time magazine.

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